How To Prep An Entry Door To Be Painted

If you are planning on painting your front entry door, it first needs to be prepped. This is important regardless of the material, such as a wood door or metal one. By prepping it beforehand, the painting process goes more smoothly, and you have a better finished product. Here are some simple ways to prep your door before painting it: Clean the Door A door should always be cleaned thoroughly before it is painted. Read More 

Your Many Choices When Selecting A Glass Shower Door For Your Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can be an exciting time for a homeowner. Bringing a new look to your bathroom is refreshing and fun. One of the most important parts of re-doing a bathroom is the shower. You may be pleasantly surprised at the many choices you have when it comes to shower glass. The glass and door style you choose for your shower will be a prominent part of your new look. Some of your glass shower door choices will include: Read More 

4 Tips For Having A Business Sign That Stands Out

Do you need a new sign for your business? Are you located on a busy road that's crowded with other business signs? If so, you'll need to do your very best to make your sign stand out, especially if your business is dependent gaining attention from passers-by. The design of the sign is critical when you're trying to get attention. Placement is also important. If the sign is out of the line of sight of passing traffic, it may not get noticed. Read More 

Using Your Vehicle To Advertise Your Business

If you are a small business owner, you will want to do a fair amount of advertising to get customers to buy your wares or services. One great way of advertising is using your vehicle as a driving billboard. There are many different kinds of vehicle advertising methods you can use to get your word across. Here is a summary of the different kinds to help you choose which may be appropriate for your own business advertising. Read More 

Aerial Advertising And You: What To Know

When you are trying to develop a new marketing campaign for your small business, you begin to consider new and possibly strange options you may not have thought of before to attract new clientele to your business that you may not have been able to reach previously. Among these new and unique options is aerial advertising. While you may not have thought that sky-writing, or a towed aerial banner as a viable or useful option previously, you are reconsidering now in an effort to expand your campaign. Read More