Steps To Take After Your Billboard Is Damaged In A Storm

Every billboard is bound to be damaged in a storm at some point in time. This is, of course, unless you live in an area where the wind never blows faster than 30 miles per hour. The question is: what steps should you take after your businesses' billboard has been damaged in a storm?

Secure the Area

Your first and primary concern after a billboard has been damaged in a storm is safety. For example, if one or more of the panels from your billboard has been blown out into the street, you need to get the panels out of the road as soon as possible. The unfortunate truth is any damage to property or people caused by your billboard being damaged in the storm is your responsibility. You can minimize how much the damage ends up costing you by cleaning up and securing the area as soon as possible.

If the billboard utilizes electricity, you also need to call the power company to have the billboard disconnected from its power source until it can be repaired. This will prevent anyone from getting electrocuted as well as preventing an electrical fire.

Take Some Photos

The unfortunate truth is there are shady people in the world. Someone may claim your sign caused damage to their business or their car when it didn't. It is a good idea to use your phone or even a disposable camera to take pictures of the damaged sign as well as any damage the billboard may have caused. It is better to take too many pictures of the area than to not take enough. This will prevent anyone from blaming your billboard for damage it did not cause.

Seize the Situation as an Opportunity

It helps to look at the silver lining of the situation you are currently in. There will never be a better time to make upgrades to your businesses' billboard than when you have no choice but to have someone come out and do work on it. It is not uncommon for a business sign to look better than it did before the storm even occurred. For example, the sign may have been worn out or there may have been tree branches blocking the sign that are no longer a problem.

As you can see, storm damage to your businesses' billboard is hardly the end of the world. After protecting yourself and anyone around the area where the sign was damaged, consider using the situation as an opportunity to make your sign better than before. If your sign was damaged beyond repair, contact a business, such as Apogee Signs.