Five Common Types Of Construction Waste That Are Ideal For Scrap Metal Recycling

If you have construction waste and you are wondering which of your metal materials can be recycled, you'll have to do some research to see what scrap yards in your area accept. 

In general, you can expect scrap yards anywhere to accept certain common components of construction. Scrap yards are typically especially eager to accept construction materials made from non-ferrous metals (or metals that don't contain iron) like copper, aluminum, brass, and zinc.

The following are five types of construction waste that you should definitely be able to find a scrap yard to take:

Circuit breakers

If you've replaced a circuit breaker, you can definitely recycle the original. Often, old circuit breakers don't even need to be recycled, but can simply be reused without any processing.

Circuit breakers are popular as scrap metal because they typically contain low bearing copper materials. Copper tends to be one of the most valuable metals out there when it comes to scrap metal, so circuit breakers are readily taken and often are worth a significant amount of money in comparison to other scrap metal components. 

Electrical wiring

Wiring in a residence or in a commercial structure will often need to be replaced because heat or wear and tear cause it to create a fire hazard.

If you have to replace wiring, you can have the damaged wire recycled. It's especially easy to recycle copper wire, but you can also recycle aluminum wire or even the plastic component that surrounds the actual wire. 


A metal sink is a large, solid piece of metal that should definitely be recycled at a scrap yard rather than thrown into a landfill. 

Metal sinks are constructed from a wide variety of metals including brass, stainless steel, copper, and cast iron. All of these metals tend to be valuable at the scrap yard, so take discarded sinks in to see how much money you can get for them. 


Over time, gutters inevitably begin to develop punctures and droops that detract from their ability to effectively funnel water around a home.

Gutters are typically constructed from aluminum. Higher end gutters may be constructed from copper or brass. Copper or brass will generally fetch more money at the scrap yard because they are more durable than aluminum, but aluminum gutters can also be recycled. 

Plumbing components

If pipes become badly corroded or clogged, they often need to be replaced. Plumbing pipes are typically made from copper, steel, or cast iron. Copper will typically fetch the most at the scrap yard, but any metal pipe material is likely to be accepted. Contact a company like Big Daddy Scrap for more information.