Unwanted Guests in Your Attic: More Than Mere Pests

Two Very Good Reasons Why You Should Ensure Your Trailer Is As Aerodynamic As Possible

If you plan to tow a concession trailer around to different fairs and carnivals, you know you need to make the trailer as easy to tow as possible. One of the ways to do this is to make the trailer aerodynamic so that it doesn't encounter a lot of resistance. Given that trailers are already going to be pretty heavy items to tow, you might be wondering if making the trailer aerodynamic will even make a difference. Read More 

Pest-Repelling Plants – Not What You Think They Are

Have you been planning out next year's garden, hoping to ward off pests by planting species that have pest-repelling properties? Investigate any claims that a particular plant will ward off bugs. There are a few popular ideas out there that are either myths or only half-truths, and finding those out now will save you a lot of frustration later on. Oranges for Warding off Cockroaches One myth states that the peel of an orange can make cockroaches avoid your home. Read More 

Three Ways Smoke Detectors Detect A Possible Fire And How To Determine Which Type Of Detector You Have

Smoke detectors have come a long way from the devices that were first introduced several decades ago. Now you have your choice of detectors that can detect only smoke, or smoke and one other possible element of fire. There are three ways that smoke detectors alert you to a possible fire in your home. If you buy a home with smoke detectors already installed, you may also want to know which type of detectors your newly purchased home has. Read More 

3 Best Home Security Features For Seniors

Senior citizens have unique needs in many areas, and home security is no exception. When shopping for a good home security system, it's important to look for one with the features that will do the best job of meeting those needs. Take a look at some security system features that can make your home a safer place and bring you peace of mind. Medical Alert Many people don't realize that a home security system can be used to do more than prevent home invasions and robbery. Read More 

Four Common Issues That Gets Your Business’ Mail Sent Back

Your corporate mail is important. Business mail can contain anything from time-sensitive client data to billing statements. But though the mail system in the United States is one of the most reliable in the world, there are still things that you could potentially do to get your business mail sent back, wasting valuable days of time.  Weighing the Envelope Too Early Postal scales can be quite precise. If you have a postage printer, you should always weigh the envelope when it is ready to go -- no sooner. Read More