Three Ways To Use The Internet To Track Business And Industry News

A modern business owner needs to keep abreast of new developments in their industry. Whether it's a new opportunity for investment or a potential emergency, timely and comprehensive knowledge empowers a business owner to act quickly to market changes. The Internet has made it easier than ever to track business and industry news, but it can also make separating irrelevant information much harder. Here are a few of the easiest ways to manage the news that you need while discarding everything extraneous. 

1. Sign Up for RSS Feeds and Newsletters

When you find industry-related and business-related magazines, don't just add them to your bookmarks. Connect to their RSS feeds and sign up for their newsletters, so that you'll get the information relevant to your business delivered directly to you. You can even attach your RSS feed to your browser's start up window or homepage; it will display new information about your industry every time you open a new browser window. 

2. Follow Relevant Social Media Accounts

Social media tends to work faster than the press. If you need timely news coverage, one of the easiest ways to obtain it is by following the social media accounts of those within your industry. For additional security, connect your social media accounts to your smartphone: you'll get alerts when events and topics are trending. You can even jump in with your own information to give your business a boost.

3. Set Up Trend Alerts With News Sites

When dealing with larger national or global news sites, it can be difficult to filter out the extraneous information from the information that actually matters to you and your business. You can send up trend alerts with certain keywords to counter this. Most large news sites have the option of receiving emails regarding pertinent news and stories with certain tags; for instance, you can set up a trend alert for "small business" articles to be delivered to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly interval. 

Just a few minutes of setup should be enough to create a system that will send business and industry-related news directly to you for your consumption. By acting quickly in response to news, you can often take advantage of opportunities that wouldn't have presented themselves otherwise. Trending events and new information can be capitalized upon, propelling your products and services into public consciousness -- and you can deftly avoid any roadblocks that are coming your way.