Two Very Good Reasons Why You Should Ensure Your Trailer Is As Aerodynamic As Possible

If you plan to tow a concession trailer around to different fairs and carnivals, you know you need to make the trailer as easy to tow as possible. One of the ways to do this is to make the trailer aerodynamic so that it doesn't encounter a lot of resistance. Given that trailers are already going to be pretty heavy items to tow, you might be wondering if making the trailer aerodynamic will even make a difference. It can definitely make a difference, and here are two key reasons why you need to make the trailer as sleek as can be.

Reduce Drag to Reduce Fuel Use

If the trailer is not aerodynamic, it will essentially catch air. As you pull the trailer, parts of the trailer are going to meet with wind resistance. The air will act as if it were pushing back on the trailer as you tried to move it forward. This drag can make your gas mileage plummet, causing you to spend more money on fuel. Some tactics for increasing the aerodynamics have a greater effect than others, but if you do more than one thing to reduce drag, the effects can add up.

For example, Fleet Owner notes that reducing the gap between a tractor and a trailer by 20 inches (from 45 inches to 25 inches) can get you a fuel-economy improvement of 2 percent. Adding side skirts to the trailer, so the wheels aren't serving as additional obstacles to airflow, can increase fuel economy by as much as 5 percent.

Reduce Drag to Reduce Stress

The more air that you have pushing against the trailer as you try to tow it, the harder it will be to tow. That in turn puts a lot of stress on your truck or whichever vehicle you're using to tow the concession trailer. The hitch experiences stress, your engine experiences stress, and your truck's body certainly does as well. Reducing the drag will make towing the trailer less of a hassle.

If you'd like to know a lot more about making the trailer as aerodynamic as you can, talk to concession trailer dealers, like CS Techs Inc. Not only are there models built with aerodynamics in mind, but there are also modifications you can make and accessories you can add to increase the airflow around the trailer so that your truck is able to take the trailer where you need to go.