The Kids Are All Gone! 2 Steps To Store Their Belongings

The new school year is fast approaching. Soon, your last child will head off to college and you will officially be an empty-nester. Now it's time to figure out what to do with the extra space. The first thing you'll have to do is clear out your kid's belongings. You don't want throw everything away. You just want to move it out of the house to make room for your things. Read More 

Steps To Take After Your Billboard Is Damaged In A Storm

Every billboard is bound to be damaged in a storm at some point in time. This is, of course, unless you live in an area where the wind never blows faster than 30 miles per hour. The question is: what steps should you take after your businesses' billboard has been damaged in a storm? Secure the Area Your first and primary concern after a billboard has been damaged in a storm is safety. Read More 

3 Best Home Security Features For Seniors

Senior citizens have unique needs in many areas, and home security is no exception. When shopping for a good home security system, it's important to look for one with the features that will do the best job of meeting those needs. Take a look at some security system features that can make your home a safer place and bring you peace of mind. Medical Alert Many people don't realize that a home security system can be used to do more than prevent home invasions and robbery. Read More 

3 Signs To Keep Prices Low When Purchasing Custom Signs

One of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to let people in your community know about your business is to purchase custom signs. However, having signs designed and made specifically for your business is not always as bank account-friendly as you might have hoped. To keep your price as low as you can, follow these three tips when ordering and purchasing your custom signs. 1. Avoid Going Custom at All Read More 

Cultural Confusion In The Workplace And How To Address It

Not all threats to diversity comes from outright malice. Many people group with similar, like-minded people until they have the means to branch out, which is unfortunately the truth for most of a person's childhood, teenage and young adult life. If your work center or team is filled with a few misconceptions that seem like honest belief instead of malicious intent, there are a few ways to break down barriers. Read More