Tattoo Ideas For A Race Car Driver

When you're thinking about getting a tattoo, whether it's your first one or you already have several, it's ideal to think about things that have meaning to you. Once you've identified something important, it can be fun to start thinking of an appropriate tattoo design. If you're a race car driver, you might love working on your car during the week and then visiting local tracks on the weekend to take part in races. For someone whose primary passion is racing, there are all sorts of ideal racing tattoos to consider. Here are three ideas.

Checkered Flag

For a race car driver, there's nothing better than seeing the checkered flag waving as you come across the finish line to win a race. This flag can be the basis of all sorts of tattoo designs. You might choose a checkered flag tattoo after winning your first race, or maybe you haven't won yet but you get this tattoo to help motivate you. Depending on what you want, your tattoo artist can present you with a few options. For something big, a large rendering of a checkered flag wrapped around your upper arm or lower leg can be ideal. For something small, a simple checkered flag anywhere on your body can work well.

Track Shape

Race tracks come in all sorts of different shapes. Some are ovals, while others feature many more turns. Many tracks have a shape that is instantly recognizable to serious race car drivers and fans, and you might like the idea of having one of these shapes inked on your body. While this tattoo could be large, it generally works better as a small, subtle piece of artwork. Whether it's an oval or an elaborate street course, the shape will carry significant meaning to you if you've raced at that track or aspire to do so.

First Car

Regardless of what you're driving now, you almost certainly have a fondness for your first race car. Even if it was modest, it was the vehicle that you used to start your racing career. You probably have lots of photos of this car, and turning one of them into a tattoo can be a special design. You'll want to share some of the images with your tattoo artist so that they can come up with a suitable design. You may want a large tattoo of the car so that all the details are visible. Contact a tattoo shop in your community to set up an appointment.