Considerations For Ordering A Custom Pylon Sign

You might not be aware of the term "pylon signs," but it's certain that you've seen countless examples of these signs over the years. A pylon sign is one of the most popular types of signs outside of commercial businesses. They usually appear on one or two poles and tend to be quite tall. Depending on the type of business that you run, you might be interested in ordering a custom pylon sign to have installed outside of your location. A sign company that specializes in pylon signs can produce something to meet your specifications. Here are some considerations for ordering a custom pylon sign.


The tall height of pylon signs helps to make them visible from a distance, which can help to draw people to your location. There are several height-related considerations. You may wish to check with your local government to determine how high signs in the area can be. Additionally, think about what other signs and structures are around your business. If you choose a pylon sign that is taller than the signs of other businesses, your sign will likely be more visible because it will stand out more.


The shape of your pylon sign can also play an important role in helping its visibility. It's a good idea to look at what other sign shapes are in the area. Rectangular and oval shapes are popular, so if you choose a different shape, it may stand out more because of its unique appearance. Another option to explore is a custom shape that ties into your business. For example, if you run a carpet store, a shape that looks like a rolled-up carpet may have more of a visual impact than a standard shape.


It's important to realize that because this type of sign will be high in the air, it needs to be very large. The dimensions that your sign company suggests to you based on how high you want the sign to be might seem extreme, but a tall sign that is too small to easily read will not have the impact that you want it to have. This is another good opportunity to consider the size of other signage in the area. When possible, having your sign be slightly larger than the largest of the other signs can improve its visibility. Contact a sign company in your area to discuss custom signs.