3 Terrific Reasons To Seek Intermodal Trucking Jobs

Truck driving is a lucrative career choice. There are countless needs to transport products, which is why the career choice can be viewed as in-demand with decent job security. Some individuals mistakenly assume that it is difficult to get entry-level positions unless they are willing to travel long distances. Being away from home for days or weeks at a time is not a good fit for some individuals. Intermodal trucking jobs (home daily) are likely to be more appealing to them than over-the-road (OTR) trucking. The following points highlight a few of the benefits of local trucking jobs.


Home daily local trucking jobs allow drivers to establish connections with others. Over-the-road drivers may visit a variety of businesses, many of which they will only serve once. They may rely heavily on the use of GPS. Intermodal trucking jobs may also utilize GPS. However, drivers will usually know their main travel route as well as alternate routes because of servicing the same businesses regularly. This also means that they will become familiar with employees at the locations they service, which can make their jobs easier.

Established Routine

It is exciting for some individuals to travel throughout different states. However, some truck drivers prefer to have an established route. This might evoke less anxiety for them knowing in advance what they will do each day. It is possible for a company to change routes, but most intermodal drivers reside in the local areas they serve or live nearby. This may make the adjustment to a new route stress-free. Companies have their own pick-up and delivery requirements. Some may require drivers to sign in or perform other duties. Intermodal drivers will know what is expected at each location they service. They will also not have to worry about extensive manual labor.

Life and Career Balance

Intermodal trucking jobs allow drivers to experience a balance between their personal life and their jobs. This is an attractive benefit for individuals who desire to be with their families or socialize most weekends. If weekend work is available, it might be optional and come with perks such as overtime or another increased pay incentive. There might be seasonal changes in demand that prompt a need for weekend driving.

An intermodal trucking job company is a good resource to understand the qualifications needed to work for their establishment. These qualifications may vary, and these positions are highly competitive.