3 Efficient Ways To Keep Your Toilet Bowl Clean

Despite the fact that what goes down in the toilet bowl isn't clean, homeowners don't want their toilet bowls to look dirty after each flush. Cleaning your toilet regularly is critical if you want to maintain the health and aesthetic beauty of your bathroom.

Unfortunately, you may not have the time or energy required to thoroughly scrub your toilet bowl each day.

Here are three simple ways that you can keep your toilet bowl clean without expending a lot of effort.

1. Overnight Vinegar Bath

Hard water stains can leave your toilet bowl looking a little dingy. Instead of spending hours trying to scrub away these stains with a chemical cleaner, reach into your pantry for some distilled white bleach instead.

Spray the bleach around the inside of your toilet bowl, paying special attention to areas where hard water stains are visible.

Close the lid and allow the vinegar to sit overnight. You should be able to easily brush away any residual stains the following morning.

2. Post-Flush Wipe Down

You won't have to work as hard to clean your toilet if you tackle potential contaminants before they become caked on. Take the time to give your toilet a good swipe with a scrub brush after each flush.

A post-flush wipe down will allow you to clean off any substances that the water in the bowl didn't reach during flushing. You don't have to use a chemical toilet cleaner for this wipe down, simply washing away substances immediately with water will help you avoid a seriously dirty toilet in the future.

3. Use a Toilet Drop-In Tablet

Toilet drop-ins are products that every modern homeowner should keep in stock. Drop-ins are compressed tablets of chemical cleaning agents that you can simply drop into your toilet tank.

The drop-in tablet dissolves into the tank water slowly over time, allowing each flush you perform to bring sanitizing water into your toilet bowl. As an added bonus, drop-ins clean all of the components within the toilet tank.

Since homeowners tend to overlook the cleanliness of the tank's interior, using toilet drop-ins is an effective and efficient way to enhance the overall cleanliness of your toilet.

Don't let a dirty toilet get you down or gross out your guests. Use a vinegar bath, post-flush wipe downs, and toilet drop-ins to keep your toilet fresh without investing a lot of effort into the cleaning process.