Reasons To Put A Handicap Ramp At The Rear Of Your Home

When you think of a handicap accessibility ramp outside of a home, there's a good chance that you picture this addition leading up to the residence's front door. Many homeowners opt to get their ramps installed in this location, but it's not the only option for you to think about. Alternatively, you might favor putting your ramp at the rear of your home. While there will be some details to confirm—most importantly, ensuring that your back door is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair—this location can be appealing if you find yourself in one of these situations.

You Park Closer To The Rear Of The Home

It's always a good idea to evaluate the position of the driveway and think about where you customarily park your vehicle. Some properties are laid out so that the driveway extends toward the rear of the home, which means that the homeowner will often leave their vehicle closer to the back door than the front door. If this is an accurate description of your yard and home, installing the ramp at your back door may be a better choice. Whether you're driving yourself or a loved one is transporting you, you'll be able to conveniently move between the vehicle and the ramp.

You Want To Keep The Front Yard Looking The Same

A handicap ramp at the front of your home will dramatically improve your ability to quickly and safely exit and enter the home, but there's no denying that this addition will also change the look of the front yard. If you want to keep the front of your home looking the same—perhaps because you have a number of flowerbeds in the front area—a ramp installation at the rear may be a better choice.

You Spend More Time In The Backyard

There can be scenarios in which a ramp that leads up to the back door of your home makes more sense because you spend more time in the backyard. For example, if you have a patio, a fire pit, a pool, or other areas that you frequently visit behind the home, you may want to be able to get to these spaces quickly and easily. In such a situation, it makes little sense to exit the home at the front and have to travel all the way around to the backyard. Instead, a rear ramp will be a better choice.

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