What Are Some Benefits Of Hiring Through A Staffing Agency?

If you are in need of hiring staff for your business, you might be considering going through a staffing agency. This can take away a lot of your headaches and get you someone qualified within just a matter of days. Here are some reasons to consider going through a staffing agency instead of recruiting them on your own.

You Can See if a Candidate is a Good Fit

One of the risks you take when recruiting an employee on your own is that you don't really know if they are a good fit until they have already been hired. By this point, you have gone through a lengthy hiring process, including reading through resumes and applications, conducting interviews, and paying for the cost of hiring the employee. You might even spend time for their training before you realize they aren't going to work out. You can eliminate all of this by going through a staffing agency. The candidate can be hired as a temporary hire, where they are actually paid by the staffing agency and not your company. You can try them out for a few weeks, then if you like them, hire them as a permanent employee. If they don't work out, ask the staffing agency to send someone else.

The Staffing Agency Does the Interview and Pre-Screening

All of the recruiting work is done for you, so you can continue keeping your business running without having to worry about looking through countless emails, answering phone calls, or scheduling interviews. The staffing agency does all the recruiting for you, so that all you need to do is train the candidate on their first day. You do have the option of interviewing a few of their best candidates if you feel it is necessary, though this is completely optional.

You Save a Lot of Money

Hiring a new employee costs a lot of money, from the moment you pay to place an ad to their first day on the job. It costs money giving a drug screening, conducting a background check, performing other tests to make sure they are qualified, taking time away from your regular work to check references and do interviews, not to mention the cost of paying benefits to the new employee. With a staffing agency, this is all done for you for a nominal fee. You don't pay their benefits unless you decide to hire them as a permanent employee after the trial period.

They Only Place You With Qualified Candidates

The staffing agency helps both the potential employee and the companies they work for. They want to place the best candidates with the best companies, so by the time they arrive at your company, they have already been pre-screened as someone that is experienced and qualified for the position.

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