Three Tips For Caring For Your Business’s New Furniture

Buying furniture for your new business can represent a sizable investment for a new entrepreneur. Unfortunately, there are some business owners that may fail to realize that their office furniture has different care needs than their home furniture. This stems from the fact that your office furniture is likely to suffer more intense wear and tear due to high traffic. Luckily, you can use these three tips to help ensure that you do not make oversights when it comes to caring for your new office furniture.

Clean And Protect Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture is among the most important types of maintenance that you can do. As time passes, dirt and stains can cause your furniture to become dull and dirty looking. To help keep your furniture looking welcoming to customers and clients, you should create a detailed cleaning schedule. By ensuring that your employees are wiping down the furniture at the end of each day and applying stain guards every few months, you can help prevent your furniture from suffering this type of damage.

Avoid Exposing Your Leather Office Furniture To Intense Direct Sunlight

Leather furniture can provide your business with a luxurious interior that clients and customers may find impressive. Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of placing your furniture in the path of direct sunlight, it can cause the leather to dry out, fade and develop cracks. To avoid this problem, you should keep the furniture out of the path of sunlight, but when this is not a viable option, you can cover the window with a tint that reflects UV rays of light. If you are concerned about this tint making your business's interior dark, there are tint options that are almost clear but still able to reflect the damaging rays of light from the sun.

Address Scratches Soon After They Are Discovered

Scratches can be a particularly common form of damage for office furniture to sustain. However, it can be easy to overlook the problems that scratches can cause. However, scratches can compromise the protective finish of wood furniture, which can make it more susceptible to stains and rotting.

To repair scratches, you will need to use a wood filler to close the scratch. These substances will bond to the wood when they dry, which can prevent moisture and pigments from getting into the porous interior of the wood. Once the wood filler has fully bonded and dried, you can use a finish to match the filler to the rest of the wood.

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