Self-Storage Units For Antiques Collectors: Three Things To Consider

Finding space to store your antiques for your business can be a challenge, but you can keep your items organized and ready for sale in a self-storage unit. Before you move in, there are a few things you'll need to consider to make sure your items are safe and neatly organized.

Climate Control

Not all self-storage units are climate controlled, which means that the temperatures can get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Extreme temperatures can damage delicate antiques, so you'll want to make sure that your storage unit offers climate control. Ask what the average temperature is held at in your unit, and ask whether or not you can control the temperature in your unit individually. You may be able to arrange for this if you pay for the heating and cooling costs.  

Invest In Organizational Tools

You'll want to keep your items neatly organized and easy to find. Look for freestanding shelves that offer enough space to hold all your items, and use a label maker to label each of the shelves for better organization. If you sell vintage clothing, consider adding garment racks and bags to keep these items stored safely. You can also store your display cases in the storage unit. This can provide space to store small items, and it can also give you a way to practice different display setups for your next antique show.


Your self-storage facility should offer security services, such as perimeter fencing, security cameras, and keyed entry systems. You may want to supplement the security system with your own wireless cameras. Ask about renting a unit with electricity so you can place the cameras in the unit on your own. Be sure to ask for permission before mounting the cameras on the walls. If your lease prevents you from doing this, you can place the cameras on your shelving units to record the activity in the unit.

Easy Access

Loading and unloading your vehicle for antique shows can be tricky, so look for a self-storage unit that offers easy access. This can mean either having the ability to drive your vehicle up to the door of the unit, or it can mean having a unit on a the first floor so you can roll a dolly from the unit to your truck or van.

Be sure to consider all of these points before you rent a storage facility. With the right storage unit (such as one from California Storagemasters), you can provide a handy place to store your inventory and keep your items secure.