4 Types Of Equipment To Move Dirt

If you are completing a home construction project and need to move around a lot of dirt, there are a variety of different equipment options to choose from. Each type of equipment performs a different function when it comes to moving Earth, from digging trenches to moving large amounts of dirt for excavation purposes. Here are four types of equipment you can buy or rent to move dirt:


The first type of dirt-moving equipment you can rent or buy is called an excavator. This equipment is often used for digging trenches and foundations, grading, demolition, placing pipes, and digging for backyard ponds or other large DIY projects.

The excavator will have a cab that moves around and a long arm that can grab the dirt, remove it from the ground, and transport it in another location. It can also lift heavy objects, such as pipes and metal.


If you need to perform rough or fine grading on your property, or you need to push large piles of dirt, you can use a bulldozer. This is a standard type of equipment that helps to move dirt along different sizes of land. It is one of the strongest types of equipment that is made for handling and moving dirt, which is why it is often used for moving piles of dirt that might have been made with other equipment.

If you need it for temporary use, it is best to rent it, since it is a very expensive piece of equipment.

Skid Steer Loader

Skid steer loaders are frequently used in the construction industry, as well as homeowners that are doing heavy work on their property. A skid steer loader is a very versatile piece of equipment that is easy to operate. Its cab turns around like a tank, which allows it to be used in more compact spaces, such as a backyard. The wheels on the skid steer loader provide good traction, so it can also be used in mud and snow. The traction also reduces soil compaction, which can help for a variety of different projects.


The last type of equipment you might need for outdoor projects is a trencher. Trenches are typically dug when you are laying new pipe, such as for a new plumbing system in your home or when constructing a new building on your property. Trenchers make the job much easier to do and are well worth the money you spend to rent one. The machine will dig the trenches for you instead of having to get out a shovel and various other tools and doing it by hand.

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