2 Reasons To Choose An Outdoor Storage Facility

Self storage facilities are a great resource for both businesses and individuals. Self storage is very versatile and can enable you to store everything from large vehicles to extra clothing. Two reasons to choose an outdoor storage facility instead of an indoor one are convenience and versatility.


One of the biggest advantages that an outdoor facility has over an indoor one is that it makes it much more convenient to access your property and unit. With an outdoor facility, you are able to simply drive up to your individual unit in order to drop items off or pick them up. This makes the loading and unloading process very easy and efficient.

However, when you use an indoor facility you will not be able to get your vehicle near your individual storage unit. Instead, you will have to carry your property through the storage facility in order to drop or pick up items from your unit. This can be quite strenuous and time-consuming if you have to make multiple trips in order to move all of your items. 

In addition, an outdoor facility is very convenient in that many outdoor facilities will allow you to access your storage unit whenever you like. All you will need are the security code for any gates and the key or combination for your individual unit.

With an indoor facility, you will only be able to access your unit during regular business hours. Outside of regular business hours the facility is locked down, which is great for security purposes, but it eliminates the convenience of being able to access your unit whenever you want to.


Another big advantage to using an outdoor storage facility is that it is very versatile, mostly due to the many sizes of storage units it offers. For example, you can rent a storage unit that is about the size of a regular closet, or you can rent a massive unit that will allow you to store RVs or the contents of an entire house. 

This is a feature that an indoor facility simply cannot match. In most cases, an indoor facility will have small to medium sized units.

Visit your local self storage facility such as West Thunderbird Mini Storage today in order to see the options that are available to you. An outdoor facility is ideal if you want the versatility of being able to pick from a wide range of unit sizes, while also having the ability to access your unit on your own terms.