The Top Four Benefits Of Having Armed Security Guards In Schools

There has been a heavy debate about whether or not to introduced armed security guards in schools around the United States. Many parents believe it is necessary, while many others believe that it could be ineffective or even dangerous. If you are a parent, you may consider these top four benefits of having armed security guards in schools before you make a decision about whether or not you believe that it is right or wrong:

  1. Reduced Violence: The chances of violence are lessened significantly if there are armed security guards on the school grounds, especially if there is an individual with a gun. This is because the only way to fight off a person with a gun is to have an armed security professional with a gun. The presence of an armed security guard alone, however, will usually hinder anyone from making an attempt to harm people on that campus because there is less chance of them being able to flee. On top of this, armed security guards can also help to prevent fighting amongst the children themselves, which helps to reduce cases of bullying and allows children to focus more on their studies versus trying to protect themselves. 
  2. Security Checks: Any stranger who is entering the school grounds will have to be checked by the armed security guards who are trained and legally able to do this. This ensures that any stranger is not bringing a weapon onto the grounds. Plus, if there is any reason to believe that a children has a weapon in their bag, they can be checked as soon as possible. 
  3. Help for Children: If your child ever feels threatened while on campus or has to walk a distance to their car or bus after school, then an armed security professional can escort them. Additionally, if your child is being bullied and notifies an armed security guard, they can keep an eye out on the child who was bullying them, as well as report it to their parents and authorities if necessary. 
  4. Guidance: Even though guidance doesn't have much to do with security, an armed security guard will know how to get around the campus and will easily be able to guide parents or visiting teachers who may be lost. Guidance can also be helpful if there is a need for children to evacuate. The armed security guard can escort lost children to where they need to be safely. 

By knowing these four benefits, you can get a better understanding of why armed guards may be necessary for schools across the United States. It is important that you look at both sides in order to determine what your belief on the matter might be so that you can take action as a parent. For more security information or questions, rely on the team at Security Services Northwest, Inc