How To Prep An Entry Door To Be Painted

If you are planning on painting your front entry door, it first needs to be prepped. This is important regardless of the material, such as a wood door or metal one. By prepping it beforehand, the painting process goes more smoothly, and you have a better finished product. Here are some simple ways to prep your door before painting it:

Clean the Door

A door should always be cleaned thoroughly before it is painted. Primer and paint stick to a door much better when it is clean and does not have any dirt or debris caked on. You want to remove all dust and dirt first, followed by removing coating or oil that might be on the door.

Hands tend to touch doors frequently, and all those skin oils should be removed. Most door surfaces can be cleaned with your typical household cleaner and a sponge. Avoid using cleaners that contain bleach or harsh chemicals. Degreaser may be needed if there is a lot of grime on the door. It is also useful for cleaning the doorknob.

Mask the Area

When you mask a door, it means to cover areas of the door not being painted. You can use painter's tape to do this, but masking tape also works. You want to cover whatever won't be pained, such as the doorknob, door hardware, kick plate, the window if the door has one, and peephole or door knocker. Make sure it is covered well, but that you aren't covering the part of the door that needs to be painted.

Sand and Fill

Another thing that helps the primer and paint stick better to the door is by sanding it. Before you sand, use wood putty to fill in any cracks or holes. If you have a wood door, you might have areas of hairline fractures or little holes from previous damage. You should first fill these holes and let it dry. Once that is done, you can sand the entire door, front and back. Use either a sanding block or a fine-grit sandpaper to get this done. Sand the door until it feels smooth and even. Make sure you brush off the sanding dust before continuing.

Prime the Door

The last step for prepping a door for painting is adding primer. This can be used on either wood or metal doors, but make sure you get primer for the appropriate surface. Even if your door surface comes pre-primed, you should still add a coat of primer. It helps the paint go on more smoothly and evenly, and can prolong the life of the new paint job. Use a paintbrush or sprayer to apply an even coat of primer to the door.

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