4 Tips For Having A Business Sign That Stands Out

Do you need a new sign for your business? Are you located on a busy road that's crowded with other business signs? If so, you'll need to do your very best to make your sign stand out, especially if your business is dependent gaining attention from passers-by. The design of the sign is critical when you're trying to get attention. Placement is also important. If the sign is out of the line of sight of passing traffic, it may not get noticed. Here are four tips for designing and installing your sign to get maximum attention:

Keep it simple.

It may be tempting to put a lot of information on your sign. You may think that your business name, logo, phone number, website, and more are all critical. While those may be important pieces of information, they don't all need to be on your side. In fact, packing your sign with too much information may do more harm than good. If cars are travelling by at even a moderate speed, passers-by won't be able to comprehend all of that information. Instead, they'll shut the sign out completely. Determine the one or two most important pieces of information and only include those on your sign.

Be consistent.

Your sign is an extension of your business. It should reflect your overall brand, especially if you have a strong brand image. Consider McDonald's and its "golden arches." When you see those arches, you don't even need to read the sign to know that it's a McDonald's. You may not have that kind of brand following, but you can still get more out of your sign if your brand is consistent. If you use certain colors on all of your marketing collateral, use those same colors on your sign. It will help drivers better associate your sign with your business.

Consider location carefully.

If you have any choice in where your sign is positioned, make that decision very carefully. Aside from design, location is possibly the next most important factor. You don't want your sign to be obstructed by trees, power lines, or other signs. You'll also likely want your sign as close to the road as possible.

Finally, consider which way most of your traffic will come from and what time of day it may be when that traffic passes. Are you on a major rush hour thoroughfare? Consider what the light will be like at that time and how visible your sign will be. You may need to add lights to the bottom of the sign to make it more visible.

Talk to your sign installation company like A Precise Sign about how to maximize its visibility. Their designers and installers can consult with you to develop a sign that gets attention and brings in business.