Aerial Advertising And You: What To Know

When you are trying to develop a new marketing campaign for your small business, you begin to consider new and possibly strange options you may not have thought of before to attract new clientele to your business that you may not have been able to reach previously. Among these new and unique options is aerial advertising. While you may not have thought that sky-writing, or a towed aerial banner as a viable or useful option previously, you are reconsidering now in an effort to expand your campaign. Before you decide for or against aerial advertising as a part of your marketing campaign, consider some of the pertinent facts about aerial advertising. Then you can decide whether or not it should be a part of your new marketing campaign. 

Customer Impact

First and foremost, you need to consider the impact aerial advertising can have on potential customers. In other words, does the ad reach customers in a way that warrants the money spent?

Imagine, for example, being stuck in rush hour with nothing to look at but to monotony of stopped cars in front of you. That is, until you see something moving in the skyline in front of you.

When this happens, people are usually intrigued at what they are seeing. They will strain to read the banner or writing in the sky. And because of this surprise and extra effort, they will likely remember the advertisement better. So, in this way, aerial advertising can bring interest and intrigue to your business and can draw in new customers.

 Customer Accessibility

Aerial advertising depends a great deal on the time and place of your ad. You need to be highly strategic in your efforts if you want aerial advertising to work for you. 

Consider places that have a high density and concentration of people. When people are gathered in large groups, it is easier to reach many people at once. Think of rush hour traffic, sporting events, or the like as ample opportunities for aerial advertising. 

Timing is everything as well. Rush hour, before kick-off at a football game, or during halftime are all excellent opportunities for aerial advertising impact. 

Understand Rules and Regulations

Before you jump on the aerial advertising bandwagon because of improved customer retention and access to large numbers of people, you need to be sure to understand the rules and regulations regarding aerial advertising. Different cities and states have their own laws regarding where, when, and how you can advertise using aerial means.

Be sure to check city and state ordinances before beginning your advertising campaign. The new customers you garner may be marred by legal woes if you do not do so.

Aerial advertising can be a unique and effective means to diversify your marketing campaign. Just consider all of the factors before you invest in such methods, and proceed only once you understand all of the costs and benefits.