3 Ways to Attract Local Customers

If you're a small business owner, there's one customer base that's often the most valuable to the success of your business-- your local customer base. Customers that live locally tend to be more loyal and return to businesses that they trust. Local customers also tend to be better about recommending businesses to their friends and family members.

Customers can save time and money at a local business, after all, and when your products/services are top notch and your customer service can't be beat, there is really no reason to go elsewhere. But how do you attract more local customers? Here are three unique marketing ideas for doing just that:

Small Newspapers

Advertisements in large newspapers tend to be fairly expensive, but you can get advertisements ran in your local, small newspapers for a very small fee or even for free. Some cities even have papers that specialize in local deals that customers will eagerly search through weekly in order to find the best deals. Run ads with coupons in these papers--local customers often love couponing to get the most bang for their buck.

Radio Advertising

People often to listen to the radio when they're idling somewhere--while waiting for an appointment or while driving to work, for example. This often means they will pay attention to radio commercials, especially if the commercial is for a local business. Consider running advertisements at local radio stations. Make sure to pick stations that are popular in your area and that play music that can attract a wide variety of customers. Depending on your location, pop, country, rock, and soul radio stations tend to be your best bets.

Local Events

Keep track of when your city holds special events. Craft fairs, carnivals, holiday parades, and other events tend to be a great time to attract local customers to your store--especially if your store happens to be close to the event. Hold sales during these events or offer giveaway items to attract more local customers. Pass out coupons and flyers before the event arrives. This lets your potential customers spread the word and plan ahead.

When you cater to your local customer base, these customers will be more encouraged to in turn be loyal to you. This is the best thing you can hope for to ensure your business flourishes. Keep the above tips and ideas in mind the next time you plan for new marketing strategies. Your business may quickly gain a lot of attention.